Purpose / Doel

Purpose of Museum / Doel van Sonskip Museum

Why an information centre?

  • Awareness of the environment
    • Also very important in South Africa
  • Education of self-sustainable (autarkic)
    • living
    • housing
  • Education off the grid system
    • Clean electricity
    • Water harvesting
    • Permaculture (permanent agriculture)

Helping the less fortunate!

  • We have lots of less fortunate people in South-Africa
    • With the project, we will start with the less fortunate in Orania
    • With success in Orania, we will spread the concept to other areas
  • Provide land to build an earthship (for example a hut type)
    • Teach how to build earthship
    • Teach self-sustainable living
  • Get sponsors for off-grid systems
  • This will result in
    • Self-sustainable housing
    • Free food
    • No utility bills

Why build your earthship here?

  • Beautiful land available
  • Building regulations will allow earthships
  • Warm climate
  • Self-sustainable living
  • Economical reasons
  • By getting involved with this project you will be helping other people